Which football club has the most fans in the world

Which football club has the most fans in the world

Which football club has the most fans in the world?

Every soccer fan has this question in his mind and so on. In between friends to family it has caused a huge argument even couples get separated. So far no one has fairly been able to find a satisfactory unit of dimension. In this context, we at soccer betting Tips, who specializes in premier league schedule and football club experiences, used a number of factors and sources ranging from social follow and shirt retailing to income numbers and the clubs’ monetary cost. You may find yourself disagreeing with the findings, but one thing is for sure, football is a world religion and we are going to analyze the club’s popularity, wealth, and power. Who do you think is the worlds biggest football team? We have summarized the two most fan-based clubs. Let’s find out below.


1. Manchester United

Social Following

Facebook 74.8 million

Instagram 28 million

Twitter has 18.9 million followers

Revenue: £581 million

Club value: £3.137 billion

Shirt sales: 2 950 000 (on an average in 5 years)

Sponsorship for shirt deals: £57 million a year

Match attendance on an average: 74994/75305

Fans in Worldwide: 680 million estimated


Manchester United is the biggest and most successful club in England, as the largest and number of fan following team in the world always in number one. Number of years ago a investigation voted out for both the club which reported that:

Over 650 million fans Manchester United occupied number one in worldwide and it has net worth of approximate as many as 750 million. Alex Ferguson was instrumental in building the success and global mass expansion of the club. With Ferguson among the class of 92, they enjoyed extraordinary victory by winning a total of 38 cups as a manager.

At a worth of £2.887 billion, no one would dispute the global reach of Manchester United, from Manchester to Europe, to Surrey and Florida you can find United fans, it truly is amazing the reach that the club does have and undoubtedly in the near future, we can only see two clubs that have the capacity to knock United off the top spot. If you would like to learn more about Premium soccer betting tips and what we are doing for Chelsea live score and other opportunities you can find out here.

2.Real Madrid

Social Following

Facebook 119,1 million

Instagram 79.3 million

Twitter 49 million

Shirt Sales: 2 390 000 (2018)

Revenue: £599 million

Club value: £4.092 billion

Shirt sponsorship deals: £62.5 million a year

Average Match attendance: 66454/81044

Worldwide fans: 380 million estimate

The second Spanish team on the list is Real Madrid. With a social following of over 200 million and worldwide fan base of an estimated 350 million, Los Blancos are dominated world footballing power. Real Madrid continues to spread out their reach in worldwide at a worth of almost £3 billion pounds and profits of an unbelievable £599 million a year. Cristiano Ronaldo and his opposition with Lionel Messi is the wonderful symbol for the fight that rages on every year among Real and Barca. In recent years Barcelona has dominated all the home leagues, but genuine fought back with La Liga title last year (2018/19). Hot soccer players and fans alike are drawn to them and the shine that is Madrid. With the maximum social media following across the top proficient leagues only Real Madrid and FC Barcelona these two LaLiga clubs set a place in the Top 10 list in worldwide.

Though, the two Spanish clubs keep on top in the choice list of hot soccer players, which has five versions from the Premier League. As per Chelsea live score on January 2019 edition has ranked the football clubs across the world on the parameter of their following and fans on soccer betting platforms. Premier League schedule target has taken 150 football clubs into concern. No other top ten clubs have break the 100 million fan mark across their all social media platforms only Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Manchester United are always on top. Soccer sites bring to its readers the Top 10 list from the 150 clubs details published by the Global Digital Football Benchmark.


How Clubs Formed:

When the clubs are formed, when the players play, when transfers happen or when the managers direct; there in all remains a keyword for whom the game becomes a beautiful game.

Yes, the fans. All because of fans, who cheer, stand up, shout against their opponents, worship their winning managers and do a lot of endless things that have made soccer match more interesting. Soccer became so much exciting and successful game in the world today. As we acknowledge each world football fan from all place of the world, we become aware of that each and every fan has their own favorite club. It may be a multi-billionaire union continuing in England, or it may be a club you have in no way heard of.


Though some people complain that most United fans are outside England and may have never seen the United home ground, none seems to stand against the fact that United is the winner among the most admired clubs in the world. Twice a year the ranking is published– in January and in June as per worldwide football association– based on the source of the clubs’ existence on 30 social policies in use into account. The forecaster also takes care of the most regular updates.

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