who is the best female soccer player 2018

who is the best female soccer player 2018

Who is the best female soccer player 2018?  

If you have always been under the impression that soccer is a man’s sport, you are far from the truth. The fact is that female soccer players are not few and far between; rather they are athletes in their own right. This sport has traditionally been a man’s domain, but not anymore. Female soccer already have a huge fan following and a lot of people all around the world follow it.

So who is the best soccer player in the world? Here are a few contenders.

  1. Alex Morgan

She has achieved the feat of being tied for the position of the highest number of goals scored in a single match in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019. This 29-year old player is considered one of the best female soccer players in the world at the moment and playing against Thailand, she helped her team USWNT not just crush it, but win it. She scored 5 goals, which is big by any standards. She plays at forward and she is only the second player in the whole history of the World Cup to have scored as many goals in a single match. The fact that she is pretty and has a personality that kicks balls in a good way, makes her one of the hottest soccer players around.

  1. Abby Wambach

She is one of the best female soccer players in the history of female soccer. She has retired but she is considered as one of the greats. She has a record number of 184 goals in her arsenal, and it is amazing that 77 of those goals were actually shot with her head right into the goalpost. She is strong, driven and always showcases the principles of integrity and personal strength when she plays. At the moment, she trains young players reach greater heights in the sport.

  1. Ada Hegerberg

She is one of the female soccer players in the world who is known for her absolute grit and fantastic performance in the field right now. She was crowned the Best Female Player in 2016 by UEFA. In 2017 and 2019, she got named the Best Women Soccer Player by the BBC. In 2018, she got honoured as the Ballon d’Or Féminin Winner. You can imagine that those kinds of awards don’t come by as a fluke! She is truly one of the greatest female soccer players of her generation. In her club career, she scored 255 goals. She is the winner of Champions League title, not once, but 4 times. It is really sad that in 2017, she left the Norwegian football arena and has not been found to have made an appearance there after that. Considering how great a player she is and the number of awards and honours she got, one can only speculate as to the state of Norwegian football scene.

  1. Lucy Bronze

She wears the England cap and is one of the best female soccer players at the moment. She was nominated as one of BBC’s Best Women’s soccer players for the year 2018. At age 26, she has a lot of time ahead to do more in her football career and she has recently been signed on by the European Champions Olympia Lyonnais because she says she wants new challenges to excite her.

  1. Carli Llyod

She is considered one of the top female soccer players of all time. One of the wonderful games she played was in the 2015 women’s World Cup, where she scored a hattrick within a matter of 16 minutes while her team went on to win against Japan. And this was the World Cup finals we are talking about! Things don’t happen on a fluke in the final game of a World Cup unless you are really good. And boy, Llyod is one of the best there is! As a player for the US national team, she scored 110 international goals, and her on-field antics are compelling. What makes her one of the best female soccer players is that she has grit, determination and has a lot to teach young female athletes all over the globe. How to truly define women’s soccer is something the younger generation can learn from her.

  1. Pernill Harder

Guardian voted Harder as the best female soccer player in the world, which is no mean feat. This Danish striker has scored a total of 32 goals after joining the Wolfsburg since 2017. She is also a team member of the Danish football women’s national team. In fact, she joined the national team in 2009 and has been captaining it since 2016.

  1. Marta Vieira Da Silva

She is considered as one of the best female soccer player right now and her professional skills and quick agility are things that make her what she is. She currently holds the record for the most number of goals scored in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. As a female soccer player, it can be really hard to get acknowledged and claimed but this lady continues to be great at what she does time and again. After winning a series of tournaments for her team, she has now settled to improve her techniques so that we can expect much better games from her.

  1. Dzsenifer Marozsan

This German midfielder is great and though she missed the opening match of the 2019 Women’s World Cup because of a toe injury, she more than made up for it later. She is one of the female soccer players who are top in their field for what they bring to the sport. Her eccentric spirit and on-field tactics make her one of the soccer players of all time.

Women’s soccer is fast catching the world’s attention. It is just a matter of time before it becomes all the more popular. If you are a soccer fan, it is time that you started following these great soccer players mentioned above for a dose of grit and strength on the field.

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