A Beginners Guide To The FIFA World Cup

The FIFA world cup or the World Cup as it is commonly called is a soccer competition which is contested by senior men’s national soccer teams belonging to countries who are members of the international football association. This tournament which is held every 4 years because of the sheer amount of preparation that it demands, brings to the world over a month long extravaganza of international football displaying raw passion, sheer dedication, sportsmanship and team play throughout the soccer game length.

Format of the tournament

The tournament is currently contested by 32 teams and it is set to get expanded to 48 teams by the year 2026. With most people worldwide need to understand how many players on a soccer team, the game rules, the length of the game etc., almost the whole of the world is glued onto their television screens during the world cup. More than two hundred teams participate in the qualifiers of which only the best of the best 32 teams are selected to represent their country in the international football frenzy that the world cup is. Played for more than 5 weeks, it is easy to calculate both:

It has been generally seen that the 64 matches which are currently played in the soccer world cup can be divided into:

  • 42 matches in the group stage,
  • 8 matches in the knockout round,
  • 4 in the quarters,
  • 2 in the semis,
  • 1 for determining the third position and
  • 1 final match which give the world its soccer cup champion for 4 years.

Each soccer game length is of 90 minutes with a break in the middle for about 15 minutes. Thus each half of the game comprises of 45 minutes of game play. Injury or stoppage time, if any, is made up for at the end of each half by playing for that amount of extra time. This extra time is totally the referee’s discretion.

Need for a 4 year gap in between

A mandatory gap of 4 years is maintained between 2 consecutive world cups. This is because in order to host a tournament of this scale, a host country needs to invest billions and also has to have a certain amount of time for getting the required infrastructure ready in the form of:

  • Stadiums built to international standards as required by FIFA rules and regulations to enable playing of soccer game length matches,
  • Hotels which need to host the teams and their entourage at the different venues,
  • Transportation both air and land so that there are no glitches in getting the teams from one location to the other,
  • Crowd control measures need to be well-planned in advance,
  • Ticket booking, press meets, opening and closing ceremony etc., needs to be planned and executed without any hick-ups etc.

Since most people know the answer to how long is the world cup game, it is also easy to guess that the players need to be mentally and physically prepared to take on the rigorous routine of the world cup. Hence most countries need this time to:

  • Deliberate on the players that they would have on the world cup team,
  • Harness their energy and physical strength by training for the tournament,
  • Deliberate on the game play, refine the strengths and concentrate on improving the weaknesses,
  • Have a plan B in place to cope with any exigencies and emergencies which might crop up during the soccer game length

Lastly the qualifying matches get played during this time. The sheer number of countries participating in the qualifying stage makes the qualifying matches last for anything between 2 to 3 years. With every country looking towards winning the ultimate prestige in world cup soccer, 4 years seems too less a time for all this to happen.

Qualifying for the world cup

Everyone knows the answer to how many players on a soccer team and would generally correctly say 11. But what these people do not know is that in order to ensure a strong team of 11 players who are simply infallible, there needs to be a back up for most of the players who are taken as extras but are almost equally strong and qualified to play the game, if required.

These teams have to participate in a qualifying process to make it to the actual world cup tournament. Thus regional tournaments are held in the countries of:

  • Asia,
  • Europe,
  • South America,
  • Africa,
  • North and Central America and
  • Australia and Oceania which comprises of Polynesia, Micronesia, Australasia and Melanesia.

Teams of individual regions play against each other in soccer betting tips home and away matches. This qualifying process is spread over 2 to 3 years and because of the existence of many different soccer federations in Europe, European teams comprise of almost half of the soccer world cup’s participants.


Choosing the host country

Irrespective of how long is the world cup game, and how much money needs to be put in, most countries consider it a huge prestige to be able to host the FIFA world cup. Bids are requested from countries interested in hosting the tournament around 7 years before it is to be actually held. The host countries are chosen from all continents of Asia, America, Africa and Europe. Bids for super-elaborate and highly sophisticated projects are put up by interested countries. These bids are then examined and a host country best suited for hosting in that particular year is chosen. After the bid is awarded, the country is expected to carry out all the promises made to ensure a state of the art, safe event which ensures both players and spectators have a good time.

In spite of how many players on a soccer team actually play in the world cup, it is the team that wins. Individual contributions are lauded and the best of the best are also awarded but soccer being a team game, it is the team that is given precedence over a player. Thus each player getting a chance to play in a world cup soccer match thinks of it as his moment of glory and puts forth his very best for the entire soccer game length in tipsters football. Thus a team wins the glory with every player sharing the moment in the hall of fame and every team member emerging a winner.

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