Presenting The 5 Best Soccer Leagues For The Year 2018

A global sport par excellence, the game of soccer has as many players as it has leagues. Hence it is not only difficult to choose the top 5; it is also a matter of different perspectives presenting different views. However, by international soccer games standards, the soccer leagues which occupy the top 5 positions based on their actions on-field as well as their entertainment value are:

  1. English Premier League Or EPL: The top most league in England which boasts of participants belonging to world famous teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City etc., is perhaps one of the most viewed and enjoyed European soccer leagues. Thus action filled matches keep entertaining the audience almost throughout the year from August to May with their thrills, drama, skills and surprises. Nail biting finishes and edge of the seat moments ensure a loyal following worldwide with people cheering for their favorites, celebrating their victories and mourning their loses. This major league football has an outstanding history of passion and sportsmanship which ensures that they enjoy:
    • Incessant media coverage thereby increasing the hype,
    • High-end clubs taking the level of the game several notches higher,
    • Huge transfer fees each of which create a sensation whenever they happen and
    • High attendance with jam packed stadiums.

Some notable players who have made their mark with the EPL are Wayne Rooney, Sergio Aguero, David Silva etc.

  1. Spanish La Giga: This is the Spanish league which has been in existence since the 1920s with just three teams including the extremely famous Barcelona and Real Madrid, each having a reputation of presenting some of the best soccer players to the world. With the famous Spanish passion spreading over to football , this is one of the best soccer league in terms of being:
    • Newsworthy,
    • Star-studded with a number of players being international sensations,
    • Qualitatively competitive and
    • Presenting an exceptional average goal tally almost similar to the EPL.

None of the teams has as yet got knocked out of the league and while Real Madrid has won it 33 times Barcelona follows closely with 25 wins. In fact these two teams are so strong that they have dominated most of the other European soccer leagues that are played annually.

The Spanish La Giga is held at approximately the same time of the year as the English Premier League and is an entertaining and engaging league to watch with its bevy of famous players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi etc.

  1. German Bundesliga: Following closely is the German soccer league Bundesliga which boasts of tremendous fan support with each game recording fan attendance in excess of 45,000 in most games. Running from August to May during the year just like the other major league football tournaments held in Europe, this league:
    • Is traditionally dominated by the club FC Bayern Munich which has the distinction of:
      • Winning the Bundesliga 6 times straight and
      • Having the maximum number of players from the German national team playing for them.
    • Has strong players most of who are in their prime and
    • Endorses youth talent which gives this tournament its high scores.

The games are extremely competitive, exciting and are played to stadiums which see a high level of attendance making it one of the best soccer league to follow. Notable players which this league has gifted to the world are Robben, Huntelaar, and Ribery etc.

  1. Italian Serie A: This league boasts of having teams which have a worldwide following like AC Milan, Juventus, Inter Milan etc. They are also credited with producing players that are the best and the finest in the field of soccer like Daniel De Rossi, Wesley Sneijder, Zlatan Ibrahimovic etc. Running from September to May every year like the other European soccer leagues, the Italian Serie A is one which:
    • Has clubs which are historic enough to boast attention,
    • Boasts of extremely good elite players,
    • Is known to have a strong back-up of second tier players and
    • Maintains their high standards of play even today.
  2. Major League Soccer or MLS: Offering International soccer games professionally in America also there is tips to win football bets in the market, this league is held only during the summer months i.e. from March to November. Thus it provides soccer action at a time when most of the European leagues are taking a break. This league, though formed only 20 years back, has shown great growth and an incredible amount of overseas interest. With improvements taking place year on year and the matches being played to packed audiences in some of the best stadiums in the world, the MLS is one of the best soccer league to watch out for in the coming years especially with Robbie Kean, David Beckham, Thierry Henry etc., making a huge global impact. With the marketing strategies adopted and most of the teams associated with MLS undergoing rapid expansions, the MLS is set to scale greater heights in the years to come.

While the above form the top 5 major league football events that are held each year, there are some other leagues which too deserve a mention like the:

  • French Ligue 1 with its reputation for spotting young talent,
  • Dutch Eredivisie wherein team rivalry especially between the big teams makes for a rather interesting watch,
  • Brasileiro Serie A which has a huge reputation of having the uncanny power to spot talent and hone their skills to make them become a global phenomena,
  • Chinese Super League etc.

With many famous names of the world of soccer who have been inducted in the soccer Hall of fame, starting off their career from these soccer leagues and gaining global recognition, these championships make for great international viewership. This is because football, also known as soccer, is not just a sport; it is a religion in most countries. Hence these Tipsters football attract a lot of attention with passions flowing rampant and fans following blindly wherever their favorite players play.

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